Ultimate Carpet Care has installed carpeting and bamboo in my home and they have always done an outstanding job. Most recently their installer, Frank, laid laminate in my office. The room is only 10 x 10 and he was here for 11 hours making sure everything was done to *his* high standards. The floor looks terrific and I am extremely happy with his work.
Chris Lake Mary, FL

Based on a favorable recommendation on the DeBary Plantation Neighborhood web site, we used Ultimate Carpet Care to clean all of our carpets. That endeavor led to a small tile cleaning job. Needless to say we were pleased with the results on both occasions. These results led to several discussions about what other services they provided. In time, and after seeing some of their work first hand, we requested and received a proposal to replace all of our tile, and two carpeted areas, with a combination of either tile or bamboo flooring. Replacement of the baseboards in the affected areas were also included.

We not only decided to proceed with the project, but we made the decision to have it done while we were away on a trip. Kirk and his Ultimate Carpet Care crew took care of everything. This included moving our furniture and household items, demolition, preparations, installation, having the house professionally cleaned when the work was completed, and returning everything to its original location. Kirk kept us informed of the progress during the entire project by emailing the numerous pictures that he personally took.

In many respects this was a daring project from our perspective but we couldn't be more pleased with the end results. We especially enjoyed our association with Kirk, Diane and Ultimate Carpet Care, a locally owned and highly respected company.
- Bob M. , DeBary, FL.

This is a letter of recommendation for Ultimate Carpet Care. We have done business with this firm for many years. I would like to list all the work they have done during our years with them.

  • kitchen tiles replaced
  • carpet cleaning (several times)
  • installation of bamboo flooring in computer room
  • removal of tile in family room and replace with bamboo Flooring
  • utilizing left-over bamboo flooring and installing in Hallway.
  • stretching wall to wall carpet
  • installing carpet in two bedrooms with upgrade carpet

As you can see that through the years, we have hired this company to do many jobs for us. They have always been very professional and have taken pride in their work. I highly recommend this company and feel certain that you would receive very satisfactory performance at a very reasonable price.
Lillian & Bill Debary

I would highly recommend the services of Ultimate Carpet Care. I had them install bamboo flooring in all the public rooms and closets in my home. Mr. Winterhoff gave me a firm quote for labor and material and stuck by that number. His people were prompt and courteous. They worked full time every day and made a potentially stressful time as easy as possible.
- Janey from Lake Mary

Best, best best best... ....Kirk and the Ultimate Carpet Care team were always on time, professional and their installation was awesome. They are truly the best and most thorough. We have not used anyone else in the last decade because, as far as we are concerned, no one compares.
Beda from DeBary

For years we have used Ultimate Carpet Care. We’ve been very pleased with their work and great service. Recently we had them install laminate wood flooring in 3 bedrooms and dining room. Later we noted and reported to Diane and Kirk that the flooring creaked when we walked across our master bedroom. We all seemed to agree is was a problem with the thick laminate and were assured that it would be fixed. We had also confirmed that a sticking sliding door in that room would be fixed. Frank, a new installer for them, came twice to fix our issues. Frank was very pleasant, professional and thorough. He seemed competent and kept at it until both he and I were satisfied. I was very appreciative with Ultimate CC‘s cooperation in this matter and would certainly use them again. I would be very glad to have Frank help with or do the installation.
Peggy S. Apopka Fl.